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Houston DSL is an Internet Service Provider that offers a wide range of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) products and services to the greater Houston area. Houston DSL has become the standard supplier of high-speed broadband access for business and residential consumers around the greater Houston area. Our company is confident that with Houston DSL Internet you will join our long list of satisfied customers.

The Houston DSL Advantage

With connection speeds up to 6 Mbps / 608 Kbps, Houston DSL pricing packages and guarantees are proven to be the best value in broadband. Here at Houston DSL, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and maintaining open channels for feedback and comments related to user experiences. Houston DSL is always after ways to improve our existing services and add to our extensive product offering when beneficial.

Customer Guarantee - When you sign-up for Houston DSL Internet services you receive much more than basic Internet connectivity and another number in our system. We couple our Houston DSL residential and business packages with a 30-day money-back-guarantee, so that if you are not pleased with your experience you can cancel your connection for a full refund.




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