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Find out why Houston DSL is your provider of broadband DSL in Houston, Texas.

IP Global's DSL in Houston is the premier way to connect to the Internet. Our incredibly high-speed DSL services ranging up to 6 Mbps (Megabits per second) in speed provide a dedicated and reliable always-on circuit to your business or residence. Our DSL Internet service uses an existing telephone line that exists in most establishments and reduces the need for an extra line for your Internet. With DSL in Houston you will also receive access to our friendly support staff that is available to assist you with anything you need, from setting up your new DSL Internet, to adding a new computer to your home. Check here to find out if you are capable of receiving DSL in Houston: Houston DSL availability.

Business DSL in Houston

Our DSL in Houston for businesses can put your corporation on the map. Let IP Global service your business with DSL in Houston and to find out if you're available - click here for DSL in Houston availability. DSL Internet is a great alternative to traditional business Internet connections such as ISDN and T1 lines as they offer higher bandwidth capabilities and do not need expensive infrasture currently in place to operate. We include a free bridge modem with every new installation of DSL in Houston and will assist you in any configuration and setup of your new service. Follow the following link to see if IP Global can provide your business with our increased DSL in Houston speeds: Houston DSL


DSL Pricing


* Offers subject to change for services including: DSL in Houston, DSL in Dallas, DSL in Austin, and DSL in San Antonio
** Services offered pending approval of availability in your area.


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