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Your source for High-Speed Internet

IP Global's Houston broadband DSL provides you with an always-on high-speed Internet connection at an incredible rate. Houston DSL service uses an existing standard telephone line to supply you with our reliable dedicated service so you can cancel the extra phone line you were using for basic dialup. Along with our customer satisfaction guarantee, the following features are just a few reasons why choosing IP Global for your Houston DSL broadband company is the best decision for your business:

  • Free Static IP Address - Most Internet Service Providers try to give you a Dynamic IP Address. We ensure that your Internet number never changes.

  • Incredibly Fast Connections - With speeds topping 6 Mbps and prices this low - there is no reason to look any further.

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction - We strive to make your experience the best as possible. IP Global will be there to answer your call whenever you need us.

  • Free E-mail Accounts - Along with your premium high-speed DSL you will also receive free e-mail accounts

  • NO SPAM! NO VIRUSES! - Our foritified e-mail systems allow you to access your e-mail safely and free of worries about SPAM.

  • Web-mail System - Check your e-mail from anywhere in the world with our Read E-mail system

The Houston DSL Advantage With connection speeds reaching 6 Mbps / 608 Kbps and pricing plans starting as low as $29.95/month our Houston DSL packages and guarantees are proven to be the best value in broadband. These services are currently available to only DSL subscribers in Houston. Check here for DSL Term definitions


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DSL in Houston


* Equipment fees may apply. Pricing includes DSL loop charge but does not cover standard telephone line. Service availability is subject pending approval. Pricing available for new DSL service only, some restrictions may apply.

** Offers subject to change. The standard monthly rate of $39.95 per month applies after the first 6 months.


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