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Houston DSL : Business DSL

Your source for High-Speed Internet

Businesses ranging from Small Office Home Office (SOHO) size to large corporations have become dependant upon the Internet for services such as e-mail, web, news, and stock transactions. Our Business DSL plans are designed with reliability and functionality in mind. This means that not only will your company receive always-on fast Business DSL, but that it will be available when you need it and possess a feature rich environment for your employees and customers. Houston DSL Business packages offer the highest speeds possible for Business DSL consumers.

Your Business will receive these DSL features with each package:

  • High-speed Internet Access - The Fastest DSL speeds in the industry.
  • Free Static IP Addresses - We will supply you with up to 14 IP Addresses.
  • Domain Web and E-mail Hosting - Houston DSL includes hosting with each DSL package.
  • Spam and Virus Filtering - Read your e-mail safely with our e-mail filters.
  • Friendly 24 x 7 Customer Support - We're always here to help you.

Business DSL Pricing Plans

Accelerated DSL
6.0 Mbps Downstream Bandwidth!
768 Kbps Upstream Bandwidth!
Static ** IP Addresses
FREE Webhosting Included
Accelerated Business DSL offers your company extremely fast bandwidth with an unheard of 608 Kbps upstream!

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Enterprise DSL
3.0 Mbps Downstream Bandwidth!
416 Kbps Upstream Bandwidth!
Static ** IP Addresses
FREE Webhosting Included
Look no further than Enterprise DSL for higher speed Internet access to your business.

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1.5 Mbps Downstream Bandwidth!
256 Kbps Upstream Bandwidth!
Static ** IP Addresses
FREE Webhosting Included
Enjoy great speeds over your conventional dial-up at your small or home office. Start Today!

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DSL in Houston

* Equipment fees may apply. Pricing includes DSL loop charge but does not cover standard telephone line. Service availability is subject pending approval. Pricing available for new DSL service only, some restrictions may apply.

** Offers subject to change. The standard monthly rate of $39.95 per month applies after the first 6 months.


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